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I Suck at Blog Names, but Here’s Why

I have a stack of black, blank-paged notebooks sitting in a pile at home. When I travel with the intention of immersion, I grab one of these to go. I make it a habit to jot down all my experiences for the day, no matter how tired I may be. Sleep always wipes the slate a little cleaner. This is how the idea of ‘Journey Jot’ came about.

Why I Travel

No two person’s ‘normal’ is ever the same, and the everyday lives around the world fascinate me the most. Experiences we take for granted may be brand new and exciting to someone else. I’d choose to travel a little slower if there was a choice. To savour everything a little more; it is surprising what new tastes you can actually acquire! Why does something mean so much to someone else, is what I’m interested to know.

What to Expect on Journey Jot

There are many good “Top 10 Must See and Do” or “How to Tour a City in a Day” type of articles out there. I too, spend a good part of my time reading them. But the pace I’d like to take with Journey Jot is one of leisure. A scratching at the surface of a culture for as long as time permits. To try the impossible task of reaching into its core. I will never traverse the depth of every country, but it is my hope to experience as much of it as possible. To keep exploring the many layers beneath its skin. To tap into another corner of the infinite brain. To learn that there are more ways to appreciating something, or solving a problem that just one.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy the photos and articles as much as I enjoyed crafting them!

Happy Travels,

I also write on the Huffington Post Blog.

Stay in Touch


My name is Sheryl, and thank you for visiting!

I live with a multitude of chronic illnesses, which makes travelling a little tricky. But living in a bubble at home isn’t a solution either, not when travelling brings me such joy! I also believe that it is the greatest education we can get out there.

I am a bit of a chameleon, and enjoy soaking up all sorts of experiences. I have backpacked overland from Asia to Europe, and enjoy bumming on beaches. I love exploring old towns, and going on the occasional food expedition. I also like dressing up for fancy city trips, and could spend days in a spa :p

What sort of experiences do you enjoy? I hope you have fun poking around the blog. Happy travels!

I also write on the Huffington Post Blog.

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